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Agile … is an attitude, not a technique with boundaries. An attitude has no boundaries, so we wouldn’t ask ‘can I use agile here?’, but rather ‘how would I act in the agile way here?’ or ‘how agile can we be, here?’
- Alistair Cockburn
Computer scientist

Our Development Methodology | Lean + Agile

Agility describes a modern-day form of work organization, which has flexibility, adaptability and rapid development in short, iterative cycles as its primary goals. By delivering software regularly, the added value is created at an early stage, and the changes needed can be recognized and implemented in a timely fashion. Processes are deliberately kept lean. Communications and transparency are central elements of agile organization.

Teams are characterized by a high degree of responsibility, self-management and freedom of choice. An agile culture is an important prerequisite for the successful introduction of agile methods. Agile organization is especially useful in complex projects and environments, as unexpected changes can regularly occur in such environments – requiring a change in planning.


The use of agile methods in software development is becoming increasingly relevant to companies. With flexible and lean development processes, web solutions can be developed more rapidly and with a closer orientation toward the customer. This reduces development costs and shortens the time-to-market. The aim is to deliver implementable software as soon as possible as well as receiving rapid and regular feedback from the customer – and to use it for further work.

At BeezLabs we work according to the guidelines of the Agile Manifesto and, among other things, uses agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban extensively in all phases of the development process.

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