At BeezLabs, Every product that we build follows the below vision
'Explore problems and opportunities, Ideate possible solutions, Define actionable strategy, Align to the purpose, Adapt to change'.
Intelligent Apps
BeezLabs | Tulip

An Intelligent Application which offers Centralised Automation, Advanced Machine learning, BPML 2.0 compatibility and a Event-driven model

A Comprehensive AI and Automation solution with Centralised Automation, Advanced Machine learning, Intelligent Chat Bots under one roof

Why Tulip?

Cohesive architecture making automation simpler yet efficient
80% Employee Productivity Gains
24X7 operations of the BOTs with Zero error rate
Industry first in adoption of Lean + Agile for product deployment
ROI in First Quarter
Highly Secured & automatic Logging For RPA as per SOX compliance
Up To 40% Savings on effort spent on Compliance
Highly Flexible for enterprises To manage skill set & cloud Portfolio strategy (Public, Private & Hybrid)
High cost optimization on product Deployment and maintenance
Integrated ChatBot with enterprise Applications makes customer Experience a delight
Zero Spend on IT help desk

How Tulip works?

Beez Solution


On-premises | Cloud | Hybrid

Tulip | Ecosystem

Enterprise grade, ready to deploy AI & Automation components which works in synergy to deliver value.

Tulip | Core Components

Bee Keeper

Orchestrates and synergies all BeeHive components
System-awareness and proactive monitoring
Features a central API management layer
Central log management


Single point UI solution for Tulip
User persona based design
LDAP/Active directory , SAML based User and Role management

Tulip | Add-on Components

BeeHive for SAP®

SAP Automation Agent - SAP® ABAP® based automation framework
Native automation solution for SAP NetWeaver® ABAP® systems
Offers both hub and embedded deployments

BeeHive for SAP® Solution Manager

Integration with SAP® Solution Manager OCC(Operational Control Center)
SAP® Solution manager ITSM and ChaRM integration

BeeHive for Windows®

QBee4Win - Robotic process automation solution
Out-of-box support for most ERP solutions
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliant

BeeHive for Cloud

Supports major SaaS Solutions
Tight integration with ServiceNow® Integration
Turn key solutions for regular ITSM tasks


BigData based AI platform
Offers Out-of-box Enterprise solutions
Support for R®, TensorFlow® and Apache® Spark® MLlib®


A Conversational Platform, with context awareness and automatic intent creation
Multi-Channel Human interfaces
Integration with Skype®-for-Business, SAP®, ServiceNow® via Beekeeper
Bee Keeper
"Takes the Robot out of Humans"

Highly scalable, Reactive stack, Configurable to take proactive decisions on exception

"An Applied AI platform"

Learns from Data, Understands pattern, Derives insight

Conversational Platform
Over the next few years, conversational interfaces based on natural-language interfaces will become the main design goal for user interaction. Gartner predicts that, by 2019, 20% of user interactions with smartphones will be through VPAs(Virtual Personal Assistant). A Gartner survey found that a quarter of smartphone users had used their VPA in the past monthc, most on a daily or weekly basis.
- Gartner.
"people-literate technology"
Buzz Architecture

A Conversational Platform which has multi-channel adapters to work with most ERP software, natively integrated to Beekeeper/Tulip and have direct access to its Automation services. This can also work with famous chat bot solution like DialogFlow(,

"Buzz responding to both small talks and intelligently using Beekeeper/Tulip Automation services"
A primary differentiator among conversational platforms will be the robustness of their conversational models and the API and event models used to access, invoke and orchestrate third-party services to deliver complex outcomes.
- Gartner.
SAP Automation
SAP Automation Agent
"Bring automation to SAP®"

Create and manage ABAP® based native SAP® bots, Compliant to existing SAP® Roles and authorisations

SAP Automation Agent | Architecture
Buzz Architecture
SAP Automation Agent | Demo
SAP Native Bot is created based on an SAP recording (SHDB) within few minutes using the Beezlabs SAP Automation Agent Automation framework. The created bot will be automatically integrated with Beezlabs Beekeeper/Tulip services and is ready to be executed.
SAP Automation Agent | Road map
SAP Modular suite
We are planning to offer Beekeeper|Tulip as a SAAS on top of SAP Cloud Platform(SCP) which enables quick deployment of Beekeeper Automation services and SAP Automation Agent for SCP subscribed customers.
The above diagram depicts the future road map that we are working with SAP Startup Studio.
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