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Comfile360 – Compliance Assessor

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Client portfolio

Govche is a one stop business setup and consulting company, managed by a specialized team of Business Analysts, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Corporate Lawyers and Financial Professionals. Govche is committed to conducting business in statutory compliance and providing services related to Tax, obtaining licenses and registrations for running a business.

Overview – Origins

Entrepreneurs who wish to start new businesses have already so much on their plate, from bringing their conceptualized ideas into practice, to amassing the required workforce, to finding suitable customers for their products or services, to setting up the needed infrastructure, to efficiently feed finance and many more. In addition, they are also liable for the multiple procedures that the Government mandates for the start of any business. Most entrepreneurs see such procedures as confusing, as they are complicated in terms of both accessibility and lack of information. Accessibility, as the government resources are distributed across several sites, and most importantly lack of information, as in there is no clear guidance as to the set of procedures to be followed based on the line of business.

Problem statement – The Past

In general, in a company there are various personas like Auditors, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, etc., who generally are entrusted with taking care of all compliance related activities of the company on a regular basis. For instance, once the company has been registered and functioning, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs mandates certain compliances to be met. If the company is registered as a Private Limited Company (PVT) or as a Public Limited (PL) then certain forms like ADT – 1, MGT – 7, AOC – 4 and DIN Compliance should be filed. If the company is registered as a LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), then Form-8, Form-11 and DIN Compliance should be filed. GST Compliance rating is another performance rating, with respect to the GST Act and provisions, which is applicable to all registered taxable companies. LUT is basically a declarative letter which confirms that the person fulfils the provisions mandated by the GST rule. Notices and Orders are communication sent by the GST authorities to the owners of the companies, intimating about non-compliance and any other sensitive information. Further, there is also ITR – Income Tax Returns and Trademark Compliance. The Auditor or the Chartered Accountant or the Company Secretary has to constantly log in to separate government portals, provide mandatory details and then check for the filing details of all the above mentioned forms and documents to ascertain the compliance levels of the company. This was not just time consuming but also very tedious owing to the different portals and different set of credentials for accessing them. This is identified as a potential opportunity for demonstrating the capabilities of Tulip and showcasing the benefits of purely touchless automation.

Our Solution – The Present

After a serious analysis of the situation at hand, BeezLabs proposed automation in the form of a portal, Comfile360 which would serve as a one stop solution to get all the compliance details, catering to not only established companies but also the first-time business beginners to meet up with government mandated compliances on a regular basis. In this portal, a persona has to just add the name of the company, selecting the same from a list of all registered companies with the Government of India. Once added, the general details of the company can be viewed. Along with this, one can also view the different compliances like MCA, GST, ITR and Trademark. Within GST, LUT, Notices and Orders can also be viewed. The multitude of bots in the Tulip ecosystem log in to different portals, mimicking the actions of a user who in most circumstances is a valid, pre-authenticated persona like an Auditor or a Chartered Accountant or a Company Secretary. On logging in, they fetch the desired data on compliance, do calculations and then display the same in the vibrant UI of the portal. And voila! In a click, a user can easily experience the magic of automation and view the compliance levels of a company.

Value delivered – The Outcome

Simplified day-day activities of Auditors, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, etc.,
Easier view of data – All the compliance data in a single screen, expandable to provide detailed insights
Real time data – Always up to date
Empowered Business end users- The owners of the business/company can directly and easily track and ensure that their company is compliant
Money savings - Saving money that would normally be lost as compliance defiant fees, which substantially amounts to a huge chunk of expenses
A dashboard view to quickly analyze the compliance of multiple companies that may be owned or served by a single person