In the age of digital disruption, Business needs to go beyond RPA to work faster, smarter and better.
Intelligent automation combines the speed and power of BPM, machine learning, and RPA to crush your business goals, optimize customer experience,and set you apart from the rest of the pack.
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Why Intelligent Automation

Process-Centricity as priority

Automation is not just only mimicking user actions it is automating an end to end business function, Automation being process centric and aligning it to larger business process ie key for enterprise to achieve required ROI

Integration of RPA and emerging technologies

The combination of RPA and advanced technologies must transform deterministic and rule-based RPA into a truly Intelligent Automation. Also, enterprises are expecting to gain greater value from intelligent automation with its promise in processing huge amount of data, learn-on-the-go ability and automating complex business workflows.

RPA, Enterprise Software and APIs

Overtime, RPA capabilities are like to become more closely integrated with other enterprise software products or platforms. APIs will play a big role in enabling the exchange of information across technologies. This tighter integration of technologies will lead to less custom development work, and even higher levels of productivity experience.

Tulip | Intelligent Automation Platform for Intelligent Enterprises

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Tulip, The Intelligent Automation Platform for Intelligent Enterprises

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