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Integrate and Automate End to End Business Processes without boundaries and move beyond RPA

Move away from business step automation and forage in to end to end business process automation by going beyond RPA. Look at the big picture, especially with SAP business processes, where complexity and change are two expected keywords. Adapt to change at a scale of 10x speed

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Automation Features and Optimize Business Workflows with Beyond RPA
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Awards & Associations

awards and associations from Microsoft-Startups
awards and associations from Microsoft-Startups

Microsoft for Startups, is a program that provides support, Azure credits and free licenses to selected start ups for a term of 3 years.

awards and associations from Startup-India
awards and associations from Startup-India

Under the Startup India initiative, eligible companies can get recognized, in order to access a host of tax benefits, easier compliance, IPR fast-tracking and more.

awards and associations from Startup-TN
awards and associations from Startup-TN

TANSEED 4.0 is a cohort program of StartupTN launched by the Government of Tamil Nadu, which aims at nurturing a benevolent entrepreneurial ecosystem in the State.

awards and associations from CI-TIC
awards and associations from CI-TIC

The Chennai Innovation and Technology Incubation Centre, CI-TIC, empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to start and effectively scale their technology ventures, by providing a comprehensive range of incubation services and programs.

Intelligent Business Process Orchestration platform, Tulip -For Intelligent and Connected Enterprises


Empowering businesses with 360 degree overview of processes and quick insights to maximize productivity. Look at your Business Processes end to end with an eagle eye and let automation beyond RPA work its magic.


Integrate rapid changes and scale spontaneously with minimal downtime as downtime equates to business value loss. Trust your RPA solution to be Agile for you and your business processes.

Technology Inclusivity

Comprehensive automation solutions for native tech stack with swift digital transformation implementation. Business Process Automation Implementations should never be hampered by technology suitability and so unravel the full potential of your RPA solution by going beyond RPA.

Empowered Business Users

Enhance business control with minimal interactions and interventions and allow automation features to complete the process. Take the power of automation to every stakeholder in the business process and let them experience RPA first-hand.

Scale RPA with Tulip for increased success rates at minimal risk. Experience 100% stability and 10x returns with elevated RPA implementations

The basic automation challenge for businesses today is successfully scaling their RPA journey and increase automated processes in their organizations. Tulip enables businesses to scale at 10x speed with desktop-less environments and automation features. Tulip lets complex business processes maintain their integrity and stability by not relying on brittle RPA automation techniques, rather opting for a whole new experience by automating natively. With complex processes which involve ERP like SAP, Stability, Scalability and Savings are key parameters which Tulip has proven to achieve. With Tulip, go beyond RPA and aim for the high hanging fruits of automation.

Customize workflows and integrate automation for an elevated user experience. Workflow solutions help in executing end-to-end business processes with a combination of bots. With Tulip, you can create Workflows with the Designer Studio simply by uploading your BPMN file. You can also create workflows by adding in your custom bots and creating hives in the Designer. Even complex business processes involving multiple complex applications like SAP can be customized as insightful workflows with Tulip.

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Turnkey Solutions on Tulip

Looking for automating your journal entries in SAP to achieve clean financial closes? Worried that your accounts payable process is not as efficient as it should be? Hassled by the complexities of SAP processes? Thinking that your SAP based business processes deserve more streamlined automation? Confused by the different RPA solutions in the market? Wondering which RPA solution would be the perfect fit for your business processes in your automation journey?

You are in the right place. Our Tulip Turnkey solutions are pre-built for your business processes.


Approve on the fly!

The app makes it convenient for Business Process Automation Users to perform all their manual actions right from their mobile. Approval for your automation is now done from anywhere, at any time right from your mobile.

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Tulip App, Intelligent Automation Platform for Intelligent Enterprise

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Introducing Our New Channel Partner

We are excited to announce our partnership with Genpact, a renowned leader in their industry. This Strategic Alliance will help our product reach global customers and achieve new heights by going beyond RPA with end to end business process automations.

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