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How UI based automations are adding loss to your business?
From the numbers shared with us, we estimated the business value lost is near to
by implementing UI-based automation on SAP. While this is only hard economical loss, the impact is much larger when it comes to Infrastructure and User Experience
A fractional breakup of this value lost with the hidden costs
About 25% in License Costs
About 25% in License Costs
UI based automation solutions have complicated licensing models that scale with number of Desktops!
About 15% in Support Costs
About 15% in Support Costs
Support is a costly affair, especially when it must be 24*7 -as these are critical, geography spread operations.
About 35% in Downtime Costs
About 35% in Downtime Costs
Critical business processes cannot afford downtime. Downtime equates directly to Business value loss.
About 25% in Infrastructure Costs
About 25% in Infrastructure Costs
With UI Automations, you don’t just pay for Desktop based licenses, you also increase your infra load!
Do you Know?
Native Automations free up infra cost up to 5x or even NIL in case of SAP transactions. You can operate with minimal desktops or even desktop-less with Native Automations!
Challenges and Risks involved in automating Invoice Creation​
Invoice creation is key part of your account payables for procure-to-pay process. Data accuracy, duplicate checks, regulatory compliance and audit trail are few key components in this process. Enabling UI based automations for invoice creation can make it incompetent on all such needs and will make you spend more on the Infra to handle the volume and additional spends on Audit. Native automation will help you address those challenges and in avoiding both the spends. Additionally, handling the invoices posting accurately and on time completion help you realize follow payment terms and avoid penalties due to delays with your vendor and risk with duplicate payments.​
Potential of Native Automation for Invoice Creation​
Invoice creation time can be brought down to
1 min or less
Make any number of parallel Invoice creation
Worry free from failures
Zero Failures
By implementing Native Automation for Invoice Creation​, you can also benefit in
Avoid Risk with duplicate payments​
Time saving and accuracy avoiding penalties​​
Scale exponentially in volume without extra cost​​​
Share with us your valuable time for 30 mins, and we can uncover the overall loss and identify opportunities to cut short them with native automations.
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The above numbers are estimated taking market standards into consideration and the actuals might be deviating or different based on the process implementation at your organization.