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Journal Postings enhanced by Tulip's SAP Native Automation

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Our client is a leading liquor manufacturer in the United States, renowned for its rich heritage and commitment to innovation. With a strong focus on meeting customer expectations and delivering exceptional experiences, the company continuously strives to strike the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

Overview – Origins

Bacardi, a prominent player in the liquor industry, successfully streamlined their journal entry process and achieved substantial time savings by leveraging SAP Native Automation. In industries like consumer goods, including the liquor sector, the task of journal entry reconciliation is known to be laborious and time-intensive. These processes typically require extensive manual effort and meticulous attention to detail to ensure accurate and timely entries month after month. The complexity arises from the need to prepare and post SAP entries involving multiple transactions and validations. This case study explores how the implementation of the SAP Native Automation Agent solution revolutionized the journal entry process, enhancing accuracy and significantly reducing the need for manual intervention.

Problem statement – The Past

Tedious and Monotonous Process: The journal entry automation process at Bacardi was burdensome, time-consuming, and monotonous. Each month, the finance team had to manually prepare numerous entries in Excel and subsequently input them into the SAP system. This manual transfer of data not only consumed a significant amount of time but also resulted in a monotonous and repetitive task for the team.

Extensive Validation Requirements: The journal entry process involved a series of validations, at multiple levels. It was not merely a matter of transferring data; rather, each entry had to go through rigorous validation procedures. These extensive validation requirements added complexity and further contributed to the time-consuming nature of the process.

High Risk of Irreversible Errors: Once journal entries were committed to the SAP system, rectifying errors became extremely challenging. Any mistakes made during the manual data transfer had lasting consequences. Inaccurate or erroneous entries would require additional postings month after month, creating critical issues, especially near the end of each month. This high risk of irreversible errors heightened the pressure on the finance team and highlighted the need for a more efficient solution.

Inefficient and User-Unfriendly Tools: Bacardi utilized a different tool for journal entry management, which proved to be inefficient and lacking user-friendliness. The existing tool failed to validate incorrect entries adequately, resulting in SAP errors when data discrepancies occurred. This inefficiency and lack of user-friendliness further compounded the challenges faced by the finance team.

Generic Front-End Automation and Approval Levels: The front-end automation solution used by Bacardi for journal entry posting lacked customization and was generic in nature. Additionally, the levels of approval for journal entries were not streamlined, potentially causing delays and inefficiencies in the approval process. This generic approach hindered the overall effectiveness and speed of the journal entry automation process.

Our Solution – The Present

Streamlined journal entries using SAP Native Automation Agents: Bacardi partnered with Beezlabs to reduce the time taken to make each entry significantly and manage errors efficiently if not eliminate them through automation.

Beezlabs approached the problem by focusing on providing a comprehensive and efficient automation solution that catered to Bacardi's specific needs. The solution incorporated a user-friendly interface, approvals at various levels, mobile accessibility, and the capability to simulate and rectify errors in real-time. The power of SAP Native Automation harnessed by the SAP Automation Agent of Tulip makes this possible.

The SAP Automation platform offered a customized journal entry automation solution that was adaptable with minor modifications. By emphasizing native SAP integration, Beezlabs ensured seamless connectivity and enhanced process metrics. Unlike front-end solutions that relied on sequential processes, Beezlabs’ back-end automation enabled parallel processing, significantly reducing the time required for journal entry completion. This resulted in a more relaxed workflow for the finance team throughout the rest of the month.

Bacardi experienced a multitude of benefits. The user-friendly interface eliminated the need for manual operations, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors. The simulation stage allowed users to preview the journal entries before committing them to SAP, providing an opportunity to rectify any issues promptly. Additionally, the solution enabled efficient validation and error visibility at each step, ensuring data accuracy and integrity. The automation of approval processes simplified the workflow, allowing approvers to easily review and approve entries with a simple click. Moreover, the solution was accessible via mobile devices, enhancing user convenience and flexibility.

Beezlabs’ SAP Native Automation Agent set course for Bacardi towards a skyrocketing global growth.

Value delivered – The Outcome

Reduced average posting time per user to less than 2 min
20% Customization with Low-Code Libraries
No-Code Workflow & Rule Design enabled High Performance & Flexibility
Accelerated Journal Postings in SAP at 10x Speed and Able to Scale to All Markets

Potential extended scope – The Future

The potential for expanding Tulip's SAP native automation agent in Bacardi's journal entry process is vast. Incorporating advanced analytics and machine learning can enhance the solution. By analyzing historical data, the system could offer intelligent recommendations for journal entry creation, reducing manual effort. Predictive analytics could identify errors, improving data accuracy. Accessing relevant information without logging into SAP for processes like Approvals enhances productivity and decision-making. Moreover, Beezlabs’ customizable approach allows its application in various organizations, revolutionizing journal entry processes across industries.