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Product Sales Price Extraction

Region:North America
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Client portfolio

Our client is one of the largest liquor manufacturing companies in the United States of America, with a perfect blend of rich ancestral heritage and modern innovative flavor, working strenuously at finding the right balance between staying ahead of customers’ expectations and delivering quality experiences.

Overview – Origins

In the liquor industry as in with any consumer goods industry, the pricing of any product is not a static number. The price is influenced by a lot of factors like taxation, surcharges, delivery terms and payments, etc. Thereby, the same product may be priced differently to the same customer when shipped from different plants or on different dates or from different states/regions. The case study under examination explains the automation solution that simplifies the requirement of a consolidation of the pricing of different products to different customers at any given time.

Problem statement – The Past

Whenever the Sales team requires the latest pricing data, they raise a request to the Master Data team. They collate a list of the materials (or products) and their respective customers (Sales Organization and Regions inclusive) for whom the pricing data is sought. Then they raise a ticket to the IT team. Within the scope of the SLA of the raised ticket, the IT team starts processing the ticket by running the pricing tool with the supplied inputs. This tool runs and fetches the desired data from SAP. The IT team now supplies this data in a raw format to the Master Data team. They cleanse the data and populate the sought-after data in a readable pre-designed format, preferably an excel file. Then they send this excel file to the Sales team for their use. The objective is met, but at what cost? The timeline from the need of the Sales team to their receipt of data is about 7-8 working days. The pricing tool running to fetch data from SAP alone consumes on average 6-7 hours. At times depending on the volume of data, this can take a maximum of about 40 hours also. This delayed gratification of an essential requirement is identified as a potential opportunity for demonstrating the capabilities of Tulip as a hyperautomation platform.

Our Solution – The Present

BeezLabs analyzed this situation and proposed an automation solution that would simply obtain input as the list of customers for whom pricing data is needed. The output would be the pre-designed excel sheet with data is desired format. In this automation solution, the first sequence would deal with the input process by the end user, who can be the Sales team or when necessary, the Master Data team. The automation service receives the Sales Organization, Region, Customer Number, Material Number, Plant Number, Date and the Email id for sending data as inputs. When no material number is entered, the service researches the transaction history of the customers and pulls out the materials they have been serviced with in the past year. Inclusive are the materials which are proposed to be serviced in the upcoming future also. Now the input is ready. Further when the end user wants to know if there is a price change in a period of time, he can enter that duration also as an input. The next sequence is to query SAP with these inputs. This job deals with huge volumes of data and consumes on average 6-7 hours to generate output data in a raw format. The automation service now employs library functions to cleanse the data and populate in the pre-designed excel sheet. With the email ids already assigned to this automation service, the output excel sheet is emailed to the intended recipients of the Sales team. And voila! The Sales team have their data which they requested for in about just 6 hours. Tulip has once again proven its mighty magic in letting end users experience the magic of automation.

Value delivered – The Outcome

Faster turnaround – From 7-8 working days to 6 hours
Automatic configurable email communication as and when necessary
Easier navigation of data - Using the created pivot table in the excel sheet. Essentially a value add
Established independence – No team needs to be dependent on the other. Automation service can be triggered on demand

Potential extended scope – The Future

Any sector which uses standardized sales and pricing data maintenance in SAP. With few tweaks in the excel processing, this automation solution is reusable and recommended in scenarios where the volume of data essentially in the fields of materials is huge.

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