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Automate Accounts Payable with non templatized approach, Achieve 98% coverage of invoices and 90% prediction with tight integration to ERP using our AI engine

Raise the industry standards by coming out of the ‘Template’ barrier, transparently bridge to ERP and enjoy seamless invoices closure, relish the “Early bird” discounts- Be a trendsetter in Automated Invoice Processing with SmartInvoice

SmartFinance | Digitalizing Finance with Automation and AI | Application

What makes SmartInvoice SMART?



Our AI/ML models are trained to handle invoices in any format which is the keystone to our claim on a non-templated approach


Our smart solution scans various formats (.jpg, .pdf, etc.) of incoming invoices from varied sources (email, S3, Sharepoint, etc.)


Our intelligent Data Search engine searches, identifies, extracts and predicts the key data from invoice scanning from the underlying ERP


Our Intelligent Automation Platform Tulip maps the predicted key data with the ERP system and posts the invoice data and processes them to closure

How SmartInvoice automates invoice postings?



Gather different format invoices from different sources
  • Collect different formats of Invoices
  • Not only digital invoices but also invoices in any e-format - Scanned/Photocopied/Emailed
  • Handwritten invoices
  • Image


    Read invoices and segregate key data
  • Morphological transformation – Noise Reduction, Binarization, deskewing, etc.
  • Handwritten and creased invoices become legible
  • SmartScan – Invoice scanning for information
  • Image


    Recognize what means what and predict where ambiguous
  • SmartExtract – to comprehend data and segregate key data
  • Prediction during ambiguity
  • UI for users – in cases of higher ambiguity
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    Match up to data from ERP, cross-check if in doubt and verify
  • Map with ERP data – second level prediction
  • UI for users showing percentage score in case of ambiguity
  • Supports both mapping and typing inputs
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    Push the data to ERP, approve if necessary and post
  • 3 way ERP Mapping
  • Approval of invoices –Multi-staged approvals and conditional approvals with Tulip, a Intelligent Automation Platform
  • SmartProcess – to post data to ERP
  • Benefits

    Non templated approach

    All invoices deserve automation

    Hybrid, customizable AI prediction engine

    Employs state of the art computational algorithms

    Customizable business workflows

    Decide what’s in for you and in which sequence

    Intelligent 3 way data matching with ERP (SAP®)

    Perform 3 way matching on a tightly integrated ERP

    Effortless handling of multiple personas

    Bridge multiple teams of Accounts Payable

    Interactive UI for user inputs

    Seamlessly handle anomalies and train in the process

    Faster deployment timeline

    One-third of the time compared to the Industry average deployment time

    Sensible pricing model

    Based on Rate of Success as opposed to the Industry’s Number of Scans pricing model

    SmartInvoice Differentiators

    Feature SmartInvoice UIPath Document Understanding Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)/IQ bot by Automation Anywhere
    Intelligent capture
    Multiple input formats
    AI models training Highly Customizable Not Customizable Not Customizable
    Mapping to ERP data
    Predefined invoice creation flows 3 way ERP matching, 2 way ERP matching, On-demand PO creation based on invoice, etc No ready made scenarios No ready made scenarios
    Customizable business workflows Very easy – using Tulip Not possible Possible – Intricate as a result of Python Scripting
    Deployment model On-premise/Cloud On-premise/Cloud On-premises/Public and private Cloud
    Pricing model Flexible – Rate of success model Number of scanning model – irrespective of success rate, also depends on number of bots Chargeable for bots, number of users and trainings (number of templates) model
    UI with mapping functionality Ambiguity validation - Supports both mapping and typing inputs Human intervention validation - Supports typing inputs Human in the loop validation – Supports typing inputs