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Automate without boundaries, Move beyond RPA, Scale at speed with high performance using Tulip, a hyper automation platform fusing AI & Automation

Scale limitless with a desktop-less environment and experience higher stability, exponential performance and a minimal investment on infrastructure.

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What is TULIP for SAP® customers?

No More Automation outside SAP®
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Core Features

Automation across the entire Tech stack
Automate any browser-based workflow through UI or programmatically, Automate desktop-based workflows on applications within Windows, Linux, macOS, send and receive HTTP requests to third-party APIs to automate tedious tasks involving multiple applications, use image-based automation to control Citrix-based virtual applications
Multiple Automation Agents
Achieve 100% savings on infra scaling & Additional SOX Cost, Eliminate GUI based automation for SAP® with Tulip’s SAP® Netweaver® ABAP® Automation Studio. Now Build, Run and Maintain SAP® Process bots within SAP®. Realize speed and reliability with Tulip’s Low-code RPA Agent employing libraries as opposed to traditional coding. Conquer challenges of automation in API based systems like ServiceNow, Salesforce with Tulip’s API Agent.
Desktop-less automation
With SAP® Automation Agent and server based RPA Agent, 80% of bots can run without desktop which in turn helps in huge savings on infrastructure, avoids latency and supports hyper scaling.
Workflow Studio
Move from user processes to business process automation with our BPMN Workflow Studio. Realize the empowerment the process modeler offers. No more writing code, just Drag & drop the tasks, attach the Automation Agent and Bots and add it to your forms and Automation Services
Platform Integrations
Support multiplicity across data formats, connectors and platforms with Tulip’s provisions for multiple data format and connectors like HTTP, FTP, MQ, Email, APIs etc. and a majority of platforms like Microsoft Excel, SAP®, Salesforce, Netsuite, CRMs & ERPs
Cloud native ready
We want to move to “BE THE BUSINESS” than “SUPPORT THE BUSINESS”. Rapid delivery and iteration on application functionality made possible by our microservice architecture, talking with each other via APIs, simplifying the deployment and upgrade difficulties


Tulip | Benefits
Open Source RPA with no hidden expensive vendor restraints
You create bots and you possess them. Save more by paying to the platform, but not by bot or execution. Pay one-time to your process automation rather than by bots it has.
Tulip | Benefits
Digital Experience
Empowers end users to breathe in automation resulting in 90% increase in User satisfaction. End users trigger automations, act on tasks and have complete transparency on the entire process in Web, Mobile and Microsoft Teams, cutting short IT support on automation processes to a mere 10%
Tulip | Benefits
Uncompromised powerful performance
Migrate from UI based automation to Power automation. Lesser the dependence on UI, minimal the infrastructure and more powerful the performance. Achieve exponential performance with Tulip’s SAP® and server based Agents.
Tulip | Benefits
Move away from GUI operations
Don't limit your automation capabilities by relying on UI focused RPA tools and their brittle bots. Tulip automates at all layers of your tech to build automations that can scale.

Tulip | Hyperautomation