Tulip | A Cloud edge platform that helps combine AI & Automation, makes automation possible across user communities, adapting to new ways of work - anytime, anywhere, any device. #Microsoft Teams, #Mobile App

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The app makes it convenient for Automation Users to perform all their manual actions right from their mobile. Approval for your automation is now done from anywhere, at any time right from your mobile.

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Intelligent Platform for Intelligent Enterprise


Why Tulip?


Easy Maintenance

Automation components built can be reused across regions and units. Robot Control Tower lets the automation DevOps lead to take complete control on the applications and robots created, execution dashboard and logs helps faster turnaround for issues

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Automation Service

Executing Automation Service, handling complex tasks, complete transparency on robot execution and KPI, all in Mobility & Teams, making his truly On the Go Experience, Making ITSM in Robotics a reality. Execute all this from mobile and on Teams

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Schedule tasks

Need to schedule tasks as per type of execution, we are CRON job supported you can ask us to schedule in your natural language “I need my Job to run on a Sunday, 7 AM, or weekly once etc.”. Complex Scheduling now possible
with Tulip

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Simple Infrastructure

Our Cloud Edge Architecture optimizes the way bots must be executed. You do not even need a bot farm or a significant infrastructure for automation. Majority of robots run on its respective application

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Security Control

Making control in every action performed by the end user, supports all available authentication protocol, no user data storage, all of this making us Automation Full proof on Security & SOX, Cloud Edge, minimizes Compliance Spend

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Low/ No Code

Agents equipped to support business in having NO, Low Code with our SAP Agent, Domain Specific Language, Pre Built Libraries, Desktop Less Automation and as well as OS Agnostic agents helps to automate process in backend

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