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Automate without boundaries, Move beyond RPA, Scale at speed with high performance using Tulip, a hyperautomation platform fusing AI & Automation

Scale limitless with the powerful Tulip platform on a desktop-less environment and experience higher stability, exponential performance and a minimal investment on infrastructure

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What is TULIP for SAP® customers?

No More Automation outside

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Core Features


Powerful Automation across the entire Tech stack

  • Any browser-based workflow through UI or programmatically
  • Desktop-based workflows on applications within Windows
  • Linux or macOS
  • Tedious tasks involving multiple applications by sending and receiving HTTP requests to third-party APIs
  • Citrix-based virtual applications by using image-based control

Multiple Automation Agents

  • Achieve 100% savings on infra scaling & Additional SOX Cost
  • Eliminate GUI based automation for SAP® with SAP NetWeaver® ABAP® Automation Studio
  • Realize speed and reliability with Low-code RPA Agent employing libraries as opposed to traditional coding
  • Conquer challenges of automation with hyperautomation in API based systems like ServiceNow, Salesforce using API Agent

Workflow Studio – BPMN Process modeler

  • Move from user processes to business process automation
  • No more code-writing
  • Just drag & drop the tasks
  • Attach the Automation Agent and Bots
  • Add it to forms and Automation Services

Desktop-less Automation

80% bots enabled by SAP Automation Agent and RPA Agent, running without desktop
  • Saves greatly on infrastructure
  • Avoids latency
  • Supports hyper scaling

Platform Integrations

Supports multiplicity with its provisions for
  • Multiple data formats and connectors like HTTP, FTP, MQ, Email, APIs etc
  • Majority of platforms like Microsoft Excel
  • SAP®, Salesforce, Netsuite, CRMs & ERPs

Cloud native ready Automation

Provides rapid delivery and iteration on application functionality by
  • Micro-service architecture
  • Talking with each other via APIs
  • Simplifying the deployment and upgrade difficulties


Transparent RPA with no hidden expensive vendor restraints

  • Possess the bots you create
  • Pay for the hyperautomation platform and not for the bots or executions
  • Pay one-time for process automation

Digital Experience

  • Increase user satisfaction by 90% by empowering end users to breathe in automation
  • Cut short IT support on automation to a mere 10% by letting end users act
  • Have end users trigger automations, act on tasks and have a complete transparency on the entire process in Web, Mobile and Microsoft Teams

Uncompromised powerful performance

  • Migrate from UI based automation to Power automation
  • Lesser the dependence on UI, minimal the infrastructure and more powerful the performance
  • Achieve exponential performance with Tulip’s SAP® and server based Agents

Move away from GUI operations

  • Stop relying on UI focused RPA tools and their brittle bots
  • Expand your automation capabilities with Tulip, the true hyperautomation platform
  • Automate at all layers of your tech to build automations that can scale
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