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Accelerate your Journal Postings in SAP® at 10x speed and efficiency

Closing month end journals in SAP® is a hectic, time consuming and a repetitive manual process. The so-called Automation tools have drastically increased the infrastructure cost with meagre cost and meagre returns. SmartFinance with its advanced framework helps you automate journal entry processes within SAP® rather than automating it outside SAP®.

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Core Features

Versatile User Experience
Gone are the days of interacting with the boring UI of automation tools. Help your team to become smart with SmartFinance’s versatile user experience, allowing them to manage and monitor everything from a Single Screen.
Automated Journal Entry Postings
SmartFinance takes care of the end-to-end manual process starting right from extraction(from different sources), classifying it accordingly and ends it with successful posting in SAP®.
Manual Journal Entry Postings
SmartFinance takes care of the entire end-to-end manual journal entry postings in SAP®. It helps your team to create, review, approve and post journal entries with utmost efficiency, thus making your team highly productive.
Approve on the Go
Help your team approve/reject postings from anywhere. The Staunch presence of SmartFinance in Microsoft teams, iOS store and Play store helps to boost the precess right from anywhere.
Merits with Metrics
SmartFinance allows you to monitor the data around the number of postings that has been executed and the current scenario of the postings being carried out from one single screen.
Audit with Ease
SmartFinance makes your auditing process easier with customizable reports. You can now filter data with respect to your requirements. Thus making your audit simple


Exemplified enormous efficiency
With SmartFinance, our clients enjoy 85% efficiency from preparation to posting journal entries every month and accelerate month end closure.
Simplified End-End posting cycle
No more tedious multi-step processes. The posting cycle is abridged to just 3 steps: Upload and Validate, Approve, Post to ERP.
Compatibility with SAP versions
If you are running any version of SAP®, our SAP® Automation workbench for SmartFinance makes it very convenient to run SAP® Automation Process within SAP®.
Customizable Business Logic
SmartFinance offers you adaptable automation workflows as per business needs which can be customized on a need basis via SAP® Agent.
Flexible pricing model
Why spend on expensive tool with Yearly Licensing Model when you can choose our Pay to Go flexible model?

SmartFinance | Journal Entry Automation